Wireless Remote Controller

Ranger 12V Wireless Remote Control System

This wireless remote control system adopts 2.4G radio frequency technology to control multiple various type of lights and similar appliances by wireless remote control. The system includes one or multiple receiver and one or multiple controller of your own choice. The remote controller have ability to communicate with any receiver.

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Ranger 150W Solar Panel

Ranger 150W Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel is made in a fully robotic and computer-integrated production line.

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Solar Controller

Ranger 30A Solar Charge Controller

Ranger RV Supplies offers 30A CMTD solar charge controller which is intelligent, multi-functional solar charge and discharge controller. Features includes, two USB charging port, visual LCD graphic symbol, automatic identify voltage level, adjustable charge or discharge control parameters, low battery voltage protection, overload & short circuit protection, battery over temperature protection, battery reverses polarity protection and more.

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Solar Panel and Bracket

Ranger Solar Panel Bracket

Ranger Solar Panel Bracket is specifically designed for easy installation of solar panel on recreational vehicle’s roof top.

Available in WHITE.

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